Late-night soul-searching

All those moments you share, are forever yours. The ones you don't, they will be lost in time... tears in rain...remember?

It's a very old georgian proverb. I like the concept. It's a very good answer to my recent question about     "to be open or not" and about the quantity of this openness;) Miss Openness...Today I was thinking about the fear to overact and to seem too direct to people. 
If you share, it's not a crime. It's a gift. Sharing the moments, keeping them, collecting them...
I wanna grow my collection. It's worth it. I wanna fill every possible moment with feelings. Then I feel myself alive. Every empty moment kills me more then a "hara-kiri"...i know it's very political incorrect but   in the name of art let's keep it very incorrect. Seppuku sounds not good enough for my late-night-soul-train. 
So I choose life! I choose job, choose washing machine, choose soul searchings, soul findings. I choose to share.