Reabilitation from the education?

Yes, now I stare at my counting-box( or laptop if you like more) as if I would wait for an answer. But the answer is: there is no answer. Nice. All I know is that I know nothing...or the more I learn, the less I understand...In that case the next question, which I am gonna hang in the air, as the electricity cables in Bangkok, growing from every corner into the huge chaos: if the artist needs to learn. We don't use the extremities as "yes" or "no". We debate about it without coming to some I am getting really serious and that's good. Because now only real curious heads stay to see the end (of my post). An artist needs a moment, to catch it. He needs some tools to talk about the moment he just has caught. He needs to learn those tools. Talking tools - colors, sounds, materials, bodies, skin, paper, people and all that jazz. But then he has learned the tools but on the way he lost the ability to catch the moments. So let's say hello to the education. I think there should be some kind of rehabilitation from the effects what education does to some of us. Reabilitation from cynicism, from talking instead of doing, from thinking instead of feeling. It should be the final step in the procedure of getting the diploma. Otherwise we'll become just talking mummies, very elevated mummies, very cultivated ones but still just mummies waiting for the final end. I don' like that script. The only difference between us would be that some mummies talk about potatoes instead of communicating about the role of Anna Karenina in russian literature.
You can deffinately remain calm after reading that or you have an option to share you feelings about it. There are always options;) And regularly far more then just 2. Just in case you didn't remember, I remind;)