Sound Art @ Aussenwelt Festival

My current project is an interactive Sound and Wind Installation "Irgendwo", the german word for "Somewhere".
23-25.08.2013 Aussenwelt Festival Tagträumer Nachtlichter Frankfurt Kulturcampus Bockenheim
Studierendenhaus First Floor Left Mertonstrasse 17-21

I chase everything what sounds
I record it
Then I make Sound Sculptures/Installations out of it
I build objects what sound
My last obsession is the wind
On this hunt to catch the wind I spent some days
Before I understood that the wind is impossible to catch if there is nothing around you that blocks it
Only by blocking such a great energy, you can actually hear it
So no matter how loud he (the wind) will shout
We will be able to hear him only when we block
The relation is as between the Vampire and the night
No Night No Vampire
No Desert No Fata Morgana